THC Creative Solution’s primary goal is to support cannabis legalization and to provide safe, effective, affordable cannabis to patients who need it.


Facility Design and Development

CAD Design
Discovery and Planning
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Operations and Ongoing Management

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Traditional Marketing Services

Brand Identity
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PR and Publicity
Print Media
Event Marketing
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Direct Mail
Product Launch
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Digital Marketing Services

Local Search
Website Development
Funnel Creation
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Paid Search
Social Media
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
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Video Production
Graphic Design
Reputation Management
Social Influencer Brokering
App Development
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Exit Strategy

Do you have a cannabis licence or business ..
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Environmental Planning and Permitting

Environmental Surveying
Environmental Strategy
Environmental Permitting
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Brand Management

Packaging Design or Packaging Improvement
Brand Positioning

Cultivation & Extraction Services

Facilities Design
Equipment Sourcing