THC Creative Solution’s primary goal is to support cannabis legalization and to provide safe, effective, affordable cannabis to patients who need it.

Q. What marijuana consulting does THC Creative Solutions provide?

A. THC Creative Solutions covers your organization from seed to sale. We help companies from obtaining permits in newly emerging markets, establishing cultivation, manufacturing and dispensary licenses, team building, facility design, and training.

Q. Who are your cannabis consulting “experts”?
A. Chris is one of the most knowledgeable cannabis consultants in the world. He has written a book titled “120 Minute Cannabis Growers Guide to Dramatic Results” which has become an industry textbook. Our combined expertise includes: botany, horticulture, public policy, permitting, packaging, facility design, retail, extraction, technology, marketing, and engineering.

Our roots run deep within the black market and our skill set has been fine-tuned by working with some of the top cannabis companies and brands in the industry. Our consultant stay on the forefront of the cannabis industry by staying involved with legal and politics. Our team stays on the forefront of innovation by working with farms and attending trade shows all across the globe.

Q. Where is THC Creative Solutions located?
A. THC Creative Solutions is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. California is a prime location that remains at the forefront of new and emerging laws and regulations on cannabis production, permitting, and selling.
Q. How much money does it take to start a cannabis business?
A. A cannabusiness’ initial investment can vary depending on the type and location of the business. State-by-state cost can vary from $10,000 to $500,000 for application and licensing alone. To get an exact cost and the description and explanation of the costs associated, contact us today.
Q. Can I open a cannabusiness where I am?
A. To see which States allow cannabis sales and production, click here .
As more states legalize marijuana and hemp, THC Creative Group can help to put together options and timeframes specific to where you are located.