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Cannabis Basics: Soil vs. Hydroponic

Written By: Chris Grunenberg
Chris Grunenberg has over 15 years of sales and cultivation experience in the Cannabis, Hydroponics, and Lawn & Garden industries.

One of the most important decisions that every grower has to make is: do I want to grow hydroponically or do I want to grow in soil. This decision is crucial, as it sets the foundation for every subsequent decision you make moving forward

For novice growers, I would recommend against hydroponic systems, as they are unforgiving and the smallest mistake can end your grow. Imagine spending several thousand dollars on a sweet hydroponics setup, and halfway through your grow the pumps burn out, the lines clog, and you have massive PPM/pH swings. Next thing you know your plants look droopy and the root systems are brown and covered in slime. This is not a situation you want to find yourself in.

Then there is soil, which is what I recommend for the first time grower. Soil is very forgiving and mistakes won’t cost you as dearly as hydroponic systems. Not to mention, there are fewer supplies needed to kick off a grow cycle in soil, so your overall starting costs are significantly less….

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Cannabis Basics: Soil vs. Hydroponic

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