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Cannabis Basics: I’ve Got Seeds, Now What?

Written By: Chris Grunenberg
Chris Grunenberg has over 15 years of sales and cultivation experience in the Cannabis, Hydroponics, and Lawn & Garden industries.

So you’ve bought some seeds or clones and now have the daunting task of making them grow. It’s all fun and games when you’re shopping for exciting strains and envisioning the outcome based on pictures, but the buyer’s remorse is creeping up now that it’s on you to bring them to maturity. While it is a formidable hurdle to overcome, it’s part of the fun of being a parent to your little plant children. You get to nurture these tiny tidbits of life into something special and it all starts here.


Some may say that outside of building your grow house, germination is the most important step in the entire process. During germination, you are taking a seed and bringing it to life, so that it may grow into a luxurious healthy plant that produces beautiful resinous buds. Before you begin the germination process it is important to know how old your seeds are and where they have been stored. Cannabis seeds are capable of germinating for several years, but the seed viability declines year over year….

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Cannabis Basics: I've Got Seeds, Now What?

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