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Cannabis Basics: Choosing the Right Strain

Written By: Chris Grunenberg
Chris Grunenberg has over 15 years of sales and cultivation experience in the Cannabis, Hydroponics, and Lawn & Garden industries.

Choosing the right strain for your grow is the most critical step in your journey to building a powerful cannabis brand. Finding a plant that speaks to your brand can elevate your customers’ experience, increase your yield, and bask your company in terpene-filled glory. Choosing the wrong strain can cost you thousands if not tens of thousands of investment dollars, can put a black eye on your brand, and will likely turn off customers who may never return. These are mistakes most burgeoning cannabis entrepreneurs cannot afford to make, so pay attention, as this article just might save your business.

Imagine that you pick out a trending strain to grow that is seen as the “platinum” standard, but you unknowingly didn’t understand or research the genetics and halfway through flowering you have a 10ft plant that is growing into your lights. You literally watch as your beanstalk of a plant grows away from any potential margins you hoped to make. Now the pain starts, as you have to cut the plants down, throw them away, and start all over.

The flip side of this scenario is that your plant seems to be growing but just doesn’t have any vigor. You’re following your nutrient plan, but the results are either burnt or droopy leaves. Eventually, you harvest the plants but there is no crystallization and the overall yield doesn’t come close to your expectations…..

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Cannabis Basics: Choosing the Right Strain

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