About Us

THC Creative Solution’s primary goal is to support cannabis legalization and to provide safe, effective, affordable cannabis to patients who need it. As consultants, we support these goals by assisting our clients in creating compliant, competitive, socially responsible companies. This could mean helping investors start their business from scratch or provide assistance to growers who want to convert their operation to a more profitable, legal business.

Our Team

Corey higgs

Chief Disruptor

Corey Higgs is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who does more than just wrangle copy and boost influence; he creates magic for CEO’s, executives, and entrepreneurs in growing their personal and professional brands. With over 20 years of marketing experience, he has been obsessed with expanding the presence of his clients, whether they’re elite multimillion-dollar brands or amazing startups. With the fervor of a wizard on Red Bull (also a previous client), Corey knows what truly stimulates the senses, evokes emotion, and drives conversions, by connecting with the beating heart of an industry and communicating with the people who are drawn to it.

Corey has worked with companies ranging from Moet Hennessy and Heineken to Sony and Samsung. In addition to expanding corporate visibility and bringing exhilaration to brand identities, his clients’ products have launched in Target, Best Buy, and Apple stores on multiple continents. Corey has now turned his talents to the burgeoning hemp and cannabis industries, to bring a professional hand in product and brand development for companies of all sizes from the dirt to the dispensary.

Jamal Hackler

Head Cannabis Practitioner

Jamal Hackler, co-founder of tripleAgenetics, has been involved in cannabis for over 30 years becoming one of the top raked cultivators and breeders in the space. Learning to grow Hemp and Marijuana at an early age in the corn fields of North Carolina, Jamal is both a medical marijuana advocate and patient due to chronic ailments that only Cannabis has been able to alleviate. Currently Jamal owns and operates Cannabis Club LA serving the cannabis community with over 50,000 followers for his cannabis resource network. He’s Been involved in Cannabis since the age of 10 traveling, growing, and setting up gardens all over the US. His network of friends includes MR.NICE, Cookie’s Family, Sherbinksi, Bubba Kush, and Rascal Family to name a few, and all have worked with and continue to follow and consult with Jamal for strains, innovative ideas, and peer support. As well, Jamal operates a large community for distribution all over the united states, with a dispensary network of 500 stores through partnered media contacts.

Paul Novoa

UX/UI Director

20 Years of Branding, Product Design and Digital Marketing experience for early startups and Fortune 500 companies such as Pets.com, Disney, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Lucas Arts, MTV, Mattel, GoPro, DDB, Avatarlabs, etc.

donna salvanera

Web Design/Sales Funnel Strategist

Donna Salvanera is the fabulous web designer and sales funnel builder who’s number 1 mission is to convert your traffic into profit. Working with hundreds of small businesses all over the world, Donna continues to create cohesive and stunning websites and landing pages while implementing timeless marketing strategies that turns visitors to qualified leads.

Ryan Nabo

FrontEnd Developer

Ryan Nabo is an experienced website developer known for creating easy-to-use digital solutions. He specializes in turning complicated ideas into websites that are simple and enjoyable to use. Ryan is skilled at making online stores and content managers that meet the needs of different businesses. Clients trust Ryan because he always aims for high quality and brings fresh ideas to every project. In the world of web development, Ryan Nabo is setting new standards by making websites that are both creative and practical.

joey beyer


Joey Beyer is a Digital Marketing specialist and a master of search engine optimization and all of the nuances of driving traffic from google. He is involved in paid Masterminds with the top minds in the SEO industry to maximize quality traffic acquisition. Getting results as quick as possible to finance clients’ campaigns with quick wins is his forte. Click Rate Optimization is also his passion as getting more results for what you already have in traffic allows business owners to scale quickly.

redgi woods

Creative Lead

Obsessed by color, dimensions and expression from an early age, Woods is addicted to “that moment when the feng shui is just right.” His team of creatives work continues to grow across mediums of design, production management, and brand development.

angelus bailey

Digital Design/Videography

Angelus is a digital designer with a strong emphasis on motion graphics and film production. Past clients have included Redbull, Sony, Samsung, NBC, Spotify, and many more.

Adam Amar

Social Tactician

Adam is a social media genius and strategic digital marketer. He brings with him over 15 years of experience in running some of the most compelling marketing campaigns on social media, dating all the way back to the MySpace days (you remember MySpace, right?!). Currently, Adam is focused on businesses and brands in the cannabis space and navigating them safely through the treacherous waters of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & more.


Total Hemp and Cannabis Creative Solutions does not currently have any open vacancies. We are however always interested in adding dynamic, innovative, and dedicated members to our team. If you are interested in working with us, please send us your resume and a brief description of how you think you can add value to THC Creative Solutions, and someone will get back to you!